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Peggy Vincent Letter

May 28, 2002

GGNRA Park Headquarters
Fort Mason, Bldg. 201
San Francisco, CA

Dear Members of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area,

I am here to ask you to preserve the Musee Mecanique in its current location. The Musee Mecanique is a nostalgic part of San Francisco's Playland-at-the-Beach and continues to excite and fascinate its visitors. The Musee Mecanique combined with the Camera Obscura provides visitors with an inclusive link to the past.

Separating the Musee Mecanique from the Camera Obscura is a mistake. Every element of the Musee Mechanique experience from the walk down the cement stairs, to the smell of the ocean to the former view of Playland would be lost if this attraction were to be moved.

The flavor of what Playland was is still present today at the Cliff House lower terrace with the presence of the Musee Mecanique and the Camera Obscura. These are the last operating attractions from Playland and the last surviving connection of an entire era.

Sacrificing any part of this experience for additional restaurant seating will ruin the spirit of what this area is. We can't afford to remodel parts of history that can't be replaced. Playland was a treasure of my childhood and continues to be a joy in my life through my web site about Playland. People send me emails and share their memories. People from all over the country remember Playland. Their emails say that Playland history is still valuable in their lives today.

The Camera Obscura and the Musee Mecanique are valuable. Let's have the wisdom to value the valuable.

Today I ask the Golden Gate National Recreation Area to -- let the Musee Mecanique BE, AS IT IS WHERE IT IS!

Best regards,

Peggy Vincent
Webmaster for the Playland-at-the-Beach site

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