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Sutro Heights Album - Introduction

Sutro Heights Album image

Christine Miller, who has helped our project in so many ways, was kind enough to lend us a treasure from her collection so that we may scan it and share it with you!

The "Album of Sutro Heights" is a simple paper souvenir book featuring images of Sutro Heights, which were obviously taken from photographic originals. Dating from somewhere between 1889 and 1894, the album shows the statuary, buildings, and topiary wonders with which Adolph Sutro embellished his estate.

We hope you enjoy the tour, and thanks again to Christine!

Sutro Heights Album Cover
--- Page One (Gate and Lion statues)
--- Pages 2 (Carpet Beds)
--- Page 3 (Statue, Flag flower bed)
--- Page 4 (Old Grove)
--- Page 5 (Old Grove and the Well House)
--- Page 6 (Old Grove and Railroad)
--- Page 7 (Beach, Parapet)
--- Page 8 (Parapet, Rock Wall)
--- Page 9 (Parapet, Cliff House, Seals)
--- Page 10 (Cliff House, Seal Rocks)
--- Page 11 (Cliff House, Golden Gate)
--- Page 12 (Beach, Observatory)
--- Page 13 (House, Observatory. Library)
--- Page 14 (Drawing Room, Cliff House Road)
--- Page 15 (Conservatory)
--- Page 16 (Conservatory, Statue)
--- Page 17 (Statues, Golden Gate, Fort Point)
--- Page 18 (Statues)
--- Page 19 (Statues)
--- Page 20 (Statues, Aquarium, pools)
--- Page 21 (Adolph Sutro portrait)
--- Pages 22-23 (Map of Sutro Heights)

Images: Courtesy of Christine Miller

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