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Sundial Brochure - Pages Eight and Nine

Sundial Brochure, Pages 8-9

The park itself is laid out with regard to the points of the compass. Four great heart-shaped plots of grass surrounded by walks point one each to the true south, north, east and west. At intermediate points four beautiful columns, representing the four classics of architecture, Doric, Corinthian, Ionic and Tuscan, rise in graceful dignity from star-shaped flower beds that are always a blaze of color. Each column is surmounted by a bronze vase upon which, in bas-relief, is told by allegorical figures the story of the four stages of man, the four seasons of the year, and the four periods of the day.

A wonderful sense of peace pervades this place, accentuated by the sky-reflecting pool and the twelve low stone benches encircling the garden and offering rest to the leisure-loving soul. The noise and confusion of the great city beyond the pine forest on the uppermost terrace is shut out, and the far-off pounding of the surf upon the beach. The view in every direction is entrancing, especially to the west across Lake Merced.

There are several entrances to the sundial park in Ingleside Terraces, but by far the best way to view the spot in all its beauty is from the entrance to the south, going as you enter towards the west and then along the path encircling the dial. In this way, commencing at a point where the first shadow at dawn falls across the face of the dial, you follow in the course of the sun until it drops into the ocean at night.

By following this route you first reach the simple...

Sundial at Ingleside Terraces Intro
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Images: Courtesy of Margie Whitnah (a WNP member)

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