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Sundial Brochure - Pages Twenty and Twenty-One

Sundial Brochure, Pages 20-21

Experience has shown that the only hope for homes that can be relied on is rigid restriction against abuses. In all our larger cities private enterprise has accomplished what legislation has failed to attain. In San Francisco, Presidio Terraces is a good example in a small way, and other illustrations are happily now afforded, but the most extensive and the most fully developed tract is Ingleside Terraces.

When the Urban Realty Improvement Company, a well capitalized concern, bought the old Ingleside race track property, comprising 148 acres of hills and valleys lying east of Lake Merced, and proceeded to make of it a beautiful residence park the wise-acres scoffed, but the management went steadily on. Landscape artists laid out the tract skillfully and with good taste. It has a perfect sewer system, a wholly adequate suppy of water, a unique and abundant lighting system, and the best possible pavement and sidewalks.

A series of terraces preserve to nearly all lots a magnificent view across Lake Merced to the ocean. Wide curving avenues, ornamental courts and parking, and imposing stone portals enhance the natural beauty.

Crowded conditions are impossible. No building is nearer than 100 feet from the residence that faces it, nor less than fourteen feet from a neighbor on either side. The lots are not less than fifty feet front, and deep enough for lawn and garden.

There never can be, in any tract, any laundries, livery stables, or saloons. Purchasers may absolutely rely on being protected against any objectionable features that will depreciate property values or interfere with the enjoyment of a home.

Ingleside Terraces, as a residence park, is no longer a probability. It is an accomplished fact. In location and the character of improvement it has been generally commended as the most attractive spot in San Francisco. Flowers grow in profusion everywhere. A fine club house is the scene of frequent social gatherings. A well-equipped lawn-tennis court is free to all. It harbors a large number of well-contented residents, and the building of comfortable and beautiful homes steadily continues.

The park is so extensive that it affords room for people of varied means and tastes. the higher priced lots have naturally been improved by more expensive residences, while other portions have afforded opportunity for simpler homes---but all in good taste and on an equality in sharing view, climate and street improvements.

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