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Sundial Brochure - Pages Eighteen and Nineteen

Sundial Brochure, Page 18

Concerning Homes

Sundial Brochure EYOND question, the most important thing in life is living. Of first importance is how we live---to what purpose, and closely after follows  where we live, important of itself and largely influencing the main consideration.

Assuming that a man really alive and wishing to make his life worth while, finds himself in San Francisco, is he living or is he merely existing, quartered in a hotel, a boarding house or an apartment? The only place in which one can live to any advantage is a home. Of course there are persons, single or singular, victims of misfortune or blind to opportunity, who get along somehow without one, but married people, especially when they are blessed with children, are to be either pitied or blamed if they do not live in a real home. Woe be to the parent who denies to a child his inherent right.

A child's future largely depends on his environment, and the best assurance of happiness and well-being is in growing up in the healthy atmosphere of a clean and happy home. San Francisco has suffered from not encouraging attractive homes. Homes need protection and she has not afforded it. Houses on twenty-five foot lots, elbowing stables and Chinese laundries, have driven thousands across the bay or down the peninsula. The risk of buying property liable to be ruined is great, and people who ought to have homes pay rent and scrap with stingy landlords.

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