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Sundial Brochure - Page Seventeen

Sundial Brochure, SF map

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[Ingleside Terraces to 4th & Market Sts.
Route over 20th Ave. and Ellis St., car No 17, is 2 1/2 miles longer than by way of the Twin Peaks Tunnel and Market Street.
Route over Ocean Ave. and Mission St. car No. 12 is 1 3/4 miles longer than by way of the Twin Peaks Tunnel and Market Street.]

The value of high-class, well improved residence property, when protected by wise restrictions, depends upon the relation that its distance in miles bears to its nearness in time to the city center.

From Fourth and Market, over Twentieth Avenue and Ellis Street, the distance is 7 1/2 miles, and the running time is 42 minutes.

Through the tunnel the distance is 5 miles,---one third less. For about half this distance the cars run through the tunnel at rapid speed without stops, taking but 5 minutes. The remaining 2 1/2 miles will occupy 15 minutes, making 20 in all. So that while the distance is reduced one-third, the time is reduced more than one-half.

If the comfort and beauty of Ingleside Terraces are reached in less than half the time, will it not be of more than double the value?

Sundial at Ingleside Terraces Intro
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Images: Courtesy of Margie Whitnah (a WNP member)

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