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Sundial Brochure - Pages Fourteen and Fifteen

Sundial Brochure, Page 14

There was a crash of triumphant music and the veil fell from the giant gnomon that now rose in classic dignity above the splashing fountain. Each of the four columns about the dial were visited by the little Spirit and they, too, dropped their veils at the wave of her wand.

The stork dance now came. Two great storks drawing baby buggies appeared on the scene, lured on by dozens of little children who, to the merry strains of music, frolicked and enticed and encouraged the storks in their trip about the dial.

The came the special joy dance in which the grown-up residents of the new neighborhood took part, the joy of the evening culminating in a dance at the club house. At midnight supper was served, and the birds were already singing in the dawn when the last light went out. The occasion clearly demonstrated the friendly spirit and cordial good feeling prevailing at Ingleside Terraces.

Sundial Brochure, Page 15

Historic coincidences are sometimes significant. Just why the final blast at Panama, that permitted the waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific to intermingle, should occur on the same day that the Sundial at Ingleside was dedicated may not be at first apparent, but the "kiss of the oceans," promise of the coming greatness of San Francisco, needed as a complement some assurance of the fitting homes required for its happiness and highest welfare.

Sundial at Ingleside Terraces Intro
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Images: Courtesy of Margie Whitnah (a WNP member)

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