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San Francisco's OMI Neighborhoods: 1862-1959

by Richard Brandi and Woody LaBounty

In 2009 the Western Neighborhoods Project received a grant from the Historic Preservation Fund Committee of the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development to produce a historical context statement on the Ocean View, Merced Heights, Ingleside, and Ingleside Terraces neighborhoods (often grouped together and called "OMI").

A historical context statement is more than a general history of an area; it can be an invaluable resource for planners, developers, and residents to evaluate individual properties under review for proposed alteration or demolition.

The link below is to a pdf document that is 3.0mb, almost 60 pages long, with dozens of historical photos. This document was adopted by the City of San Francisco's Historic Preservation Commission on February 3, 2010. Context Statements are by their nature always subject to updating as knowledge from surveys and research is increased and honed. This statement will no doubt change over time.

OMI Historical Context Statement

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