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Marine Hospital Cemetery in the Presidio - San Francisco Call, March 29, 1896

Marine Hospital Cemetery

Opened: 1875 (same year as the hospital?)

Location: Behind the Public Health Hospital, Presidio of San Francisco, near 15th Avenue and Lake Streets.

Closed: Sometime after 1932 (bodies not moved).

"The Marine Hospital cemetery was well known at the turn of the twentieth century. It was the subject of an extensive 1896 newspaper article, but by mid-century, it seems to have been almost forgotten. The administrators of the Public Heath Service Hospital decided to bury it beneath piles of debris, rubble, and fill, and to build a tennis court and parking lot on top of most of it. In 1989, during research as part of the baseline studies at the Presidio, the cemetery was, in a sense, rediscovered.

"The now-unmarked graves are still there, still buried under the tennis court and parking lot. Some are not far from the earth's surface."

---"A Tale of Two Hospitals: U.S. Marine Hospital No. 19 and the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital on the Presidio of San Francisco"; Norman E. Tutorow; California History, Summer 1996.

Source: San Francisco Call March 29, 1896/ Alice Phelan Sullivan Library at the Society of California Pioneers, San Francisco. (Thanks to Barbara Corff!)

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