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Manor Market

Opened: January 23, 1941

Location: 2550 Ocean Avenue, between Junipero Serra Boulevard and Woodacre Drive in Lakeside Village.

The Manor Market was designed by George Applegarth and constructed by Mathews Little.1 Originally operated by Eugene Grazzini, who ran a number of San Francisco grocery stores, including Romey's and Rossi's, it eventually fell under the "Petrini's" chain. Originally the building had tall finials at each end and a tower ornament in the center of the building. After serving the Lakeside District for decades, the Manor Market turned into a Walgreens drug store in the 1990s.

A description of the original condition of the market:

"The interior is finished in white and blue tile, including stalls, counters and flooring. It is glass partioned throughout, with all fittings in chrome. Its various vegetable, fruit, meat, poultry, fish, grocery and delicatessen departments include the most modern methods of food storage, refrigeration and sanitary counter displays."2

Thanks to Rick Prelinger for the movie footage of the Manor Market from the 1960s.

1. San Francisco Chronicle, 26 January 1941, page 11.

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