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Lake Merced to OMI

The short drive from the Pacific Ocean to City College will take one from the uniformity of the Parkmerced apartment towers and Stonestown to the grand cultural mix of the "OMI" (Ocean View-Merced Heights-Ingleside) neighborhood.

Park Merced August 2001

The far southwest corner of the city has played host to famous horse races, horse tracks, and infamous gun duels.

Near the shoreline of Lake Merced on September 13, 1859, chief justice of the California Supreme Court, David Terry, shot United States senator David Broderick. Their duel revolved around personal grievances and North/South politics.

Three days later Broderick was dead.

This one small patch of San Francisco, so distant from downtown, is the city's center of higher public education with San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco as its bookends. Land use issues and changing demographics make the area a constant subject of political discussion.

Ocean at Miramar

Geographically, Ingleside Terraces dips into this slice of the western neighborhoods, but the Terraces development is more typical of the adjoining West of Twin Peaks neighborhood.

Read more on the neighborhood: The El Rey theater on Ocean Avenue; the giant sundial in Ingleside Terraces; the San Francisco Zoo; the Ingleside branch library; the missing Ocean View Park development; and the Stoneson Brothers.

Most importantly, read about our "I am OMI" project!

Images: 1) Parkmerced apartment village, August 2001. WNP photo. 2) Ocean Avenue at Miramar - 1920s. Courtesy of Greg Gaar.

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