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Ingleside Terraces and the presentation of "Villa Maria" - 1920s

The film is a bit over a minute long (1.9 Mb). This film is silent and has no soundtrack. It may take awhile for the entire film to load, so be patient. It's worth it!

This old newsreel footage comes courtesy of our friend Jack Tillmany, (Digitization courtesy of the San Francisco Media Archive), and shows some damaged footage of Ingleside Terraces' gates and sundial before featuring a ceremony awarding a raffled house benefiting St. Ignatius Church and University. The footage dates from either 1921 or 1924 which is when Ignatian Festivals were held at the Civic Auditorium, so if anyone can track down when "Villa Maria" was won, we can likely pin it down exactly.

"Guest stars" include San Francisco Mayor James "Sunny Jim" Rolph and the well-remembered Father Gleeson from St. Ignatius.

  • Ingleside Terraces 1920s

    1920s Newsreel footage of Ingleside Terrace and "Villa Maria" house. (SF West History Minute Jul 28, 2008)
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