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High/Low 2nd Grade, 1958., 1958 -

Room 12, Low/High 2nd Grade, Teacher E. Behrens
Top Row: Maureen Dunn, Doris Dahl, Larry Hudson, Sharon Rounbanis, John Khouri, Janice Gavin, Wendy Wilkinson, Robert Garcia, Nancy Merenbach.
2nd Row: Oland Bear, Richard Blake, Stephen Rubenstein, Francisco Rodriguez, Craig Figley, Mike Mikovich, Gerald Mon, Leonard Lewy.
3rd Row: Billy Lightner, Dyann Jaehne, Linda Becker, Darin Smith, Laura Kermoian, Norine Osborne, Lynn Dyer, Perry Brown.
4th Row: Danny Cahn, Gary Dolan, Bruce Crane, John Shattuck, Kevon Cottrell, Walter Rugani.

Craig Figley, who kindly sent this photo shared a few memories of his time at Juan Crespi:

I loved it there. The reservoir was being constructed, I vividly remember walking up the hill and watching the big construction machines at work. I remember having outside recess every day (except when it rained), and I remember that, when we had inside recess, our teacher had a big box of comic books that I and the rest of the boys would plow into with gusto. We were into collecting baseball cards and space cards in those days.

Thanks Craig!

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