Re: The Emporium on Market Street

04/19/07 - posted by Mary-Ann

The Emporium was our favorite place to shop from the time I was a little girl with my mother, through my teen years and all the way into young adulthood. I think I can even remember when the escalators went in.

The windows in that "tunnel" entrance were the absolute best at Christmas time. All the downtown stores did magic with their Christmas windows.

And I'm wondering if any of you remember the miniature castle" they had in one of their windows - sorry I don't remember what time of year it was - could have been a later Christmas. It was put together by a fellow named John Blauer - he lived next door to us while growing up and later he and his wife moved to a Victorian on Octavia St. Their businesses were miniature furnishings, specializing in the Victorian style. My mother worked for them for several years.

The Emporium's was my first charge account, too - the old
charge-a-plate, (for any of you really old-timers).

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