Re: The Emporium on Market Street

05/01/07 - posted by Paul Judge

Patrick's family story regarding his ancestor's connection to the City of Paris recalls a childhood memory of family gatherings where reference was made that my mom's dad, John Collins, helped to construct Golden Gate Park. I grew up confused because I'd also heard that Grandpa Collin's had been a silversmith and later a doorman at the Palace Hotel. The truth was that due to the depression of 1894 John Collins lost his trade as a silversmith and picked up the rein of a dung wagon hauling horse manure out to the dunes that were being turned into Golden Gate Park. Sometime afterwards he landed a job as a doorman and became quite popular at the Palace Hotel in the 1920ís. He was known for good stories and a kind word for all but my Dad said that his jokes were awfully corny.

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