More on the Emporium

04/24/07 - posted by Rosie

Yes the San Francisco Emporium was a wonderful place to shop.
I remember many things about the way it looked in the twenties. The dome was always an attraction but there were other notable features too. To the rear of the first floor was a beautiful marble stairway with bright brass hand rails in the center and one each side.The side rails ended with a post each one topped with a magnificent crystal lamp. As one proceeded up these stairs they came to a landing where a restaurant offered a fine menu of lunch. Just beyond this was a beautiful ladies lounge decorated with comfortable upholstered sofas and chairs. A place to meet ones friends, to rest from shopping, or to use the well appointed ladies restroom. From this mezzanine floor there were two more marble stairways one on the right and one on the left to get to the second floor. From the second floor there were views of the shoppers below and the top of the dome above. One unhappy incident for me when I was five years old. My mother had purchased as a treat for me a balloon from a Market Street vendor. We were barely in the store when the string slipped from my hand and the balloon soared up to the top of the dome.

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