Re: The Emporium on Market Street

04/18/07 - posted by Alexy

The dome/skylight is has been beautifully preserved in the new SF Centre (the front part of Bloomingdales). Worth a visit, if you haven't seen it. Go to the 4th floor for a full view of the dome.

Similar memories: The xray machines. I used to try a sneak a peek at my own feet when noone was looking. . . often wished I could shoot something up those vacuum tubes used to send sales slips from the shopping area to some office or other. . . as a boy, I was bored out of my skull when dragged along to shop in the bargain basement. . . finally, does anyone remember the pineapple juice dispensing machine in the Emporium basement. A nickel got you a paper cup of cold pineapple juice.

One more thing: How about the woman(?) who sold lavender, right outside the Emporium door. I can still conjure up the fragrance in my mind.

Oh yes. Those sidewalk photographers who took snaps of the well attired ladies as they walked along Market St. Many of those old photos reside in family albums to this day.

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