Re: The Emporium on Market Street

04/21/07 - posted by Will


Thanks for the compliment. These thing just come to me.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that my aunt worked at the Emporium from 1918 until 1972; no job-hoppper she.

In my life time, form the late '40's she was the building office manager and, apparently, had an encyclopedic knowledge of the store. She knew how to fix and remodel things , who to call, and how much it would cost.

She also told me that the BIG E used water drawn from a stream under Jesse St. for its non-potable purposes.

When my parents got married and bought a house, she commissioned some Emporium carpenters to build a couple of bookcases from wood scavenged from old display cases to suit a nook in the house. They're simple but beautiful and still in excellent shape.

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