Re: The Emporium on Market Street

04/18/07 - posted by jb

Great memories, Valerie. As I recall, those shoe store X-ray machines vanished right after the onslaught of 1950 sci-fi movies depecting radiation as the cause for exagerated body growth. Seems the more times your feet were x-rayed, the large they got and conventional shoe stores could no longer accomodate this radiation inflation.

I recall our local Paul Parrot store in Westlake. The owners had a pet parrot that grew so large due to residual radiation that he sould no longer fit inthe shop and they went out of business, giving up the location to King Norman. Last I heard, their bird got a bit part in the 1961 film "Mysterious Island."

Hope this helps,

JB (size 13-C)

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