The Emporium on Market Street

04/18/07 - posted by Valerie Hoover - valhoover<at>

I have great memories of the Emporium. In the mid 1940's, my mother would take us three girls to the Emporium Basement to shop for school clothes and shoes(things were less expensive in the "basement").

I remember the woman clerk in the shoe section had these two cute braids which wrapped around the top of her head. She would always to be the one to assist us with our yearly shoe purchases.

I remember her having each of us step up onto the foot-measuring XRay machine which most shoe stores used to determine size of shoe needed. Anyone know more about those XRay machines like when they started using them, when they stopped using them, and what damage did those rays cause to our bodies?

Another thing I loved about the Emporium was the tunnel entryway! Also the skylight in the middle of the store.

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