07/16/22 - posted by Robin
I attended Lafayette from 1986 to 1990. Even now, I have mixed feelings about the experience. Some of the teachers were very thick skinned, yet really gentle, and highly talented in the arts. Other teachers were downright abusive (yelling, cursing, slamming doors, etc.), and probably should no longer have been working there. A Mr. Green was principal, and I remember that he has very charismatic and kind. The building and the yard were pretty run down back then. The seasonal and other events were all wonderful, especially the "Bazaar." There were many student-featured music, art, and theatre events, and they were great. The cafeteria food was not bad. I fondly remember the meat-tomato spaghetti, and also the piroshkies. Accordingly, a highlight was to be able to work the cafeteria as it allowed us to be in the kitchen before and after lunch. And, we got to enjoy extras, and there was always lots of good leftovers to eat.
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