07/15/22 - posted by Joel Belway
I’m a late arrival here, and just ran across this post. Attended Lafayette from November 1950 to January 1957, and was a friend of and classmate in every grade with the late Paul Rosenberg (whose recall of so many details of so many things about the Outer Richmond and San Francisco was just astonishing). My four siblings also attended, and at least one of was there from 1950 to 1966. A great experience for all of us. I remember Gilchrist, Benson, Lagomarsino, Carbone, Jacobs, Sharp, Pope and Lynch. The first principal was Mrs. Carberry, and later another older woman replaced her. I thought Mr. Simon was the vice principal. Mrs. Sharp lived across the street from us on 35th Avenue. Mrs. Jacobs lived between Balboa and Cabrillo on about 38th, and generously bought Scout-O-Rama raffle tickets from every Cub Scout who rang her doorbell. The May Festival was the one social event I remember. There were two Cub Scout packs, 93 and 510, and they had pack meetings in the auditorium at night. The scouting highlight of all for me was when young Bob St. Clair came to the 93 pack meeting, and gave every boy a large Burgie 49er team photo-postcard, and patiently autographed it: “keep smiling’ Bob St. Clair.”
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