12/31/06 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
Thanks for the photos of Lafayette Elementary School and 38th and Balboa.

My aunt, then Stella Boehm later Stella Goldman, attended the old wooden Lafayette at the Anza Branch library. She complained that the roof leaked whenever it rained. Her father was a waiter at Herbert's Bachelor Grill in the old Herbert's Hotel on Powell where many politicians gathered for food and intrigue. She had her father pass along her complaints to the politicians but the only good her complaints did were to increase the priority on the new building. Her children and I also attended Lafayette and my son is the third generation of my family to attend this fine institute of lower education.

My treasured program from a 1950 Seals game shows an advertisement for Dom DiMaggio’s bar at the northeast corner of 38th and Balboa, now the Richmond Area Multiservices office.
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