04/27/22 - posted by Douglas Gould
Patty, I am Dr.Roxanne Gould’s little brother. I was going through some old photos and found a photo of you at my sister’s birthday party. I believe it was February 3rd, 1958. There you are, with white gloves and a white party dress. Our house was 25 Cerritos, built in the same style and around the same time (1912). Those houses had wonderful built in features and pocket doors to open up the house. Yes, I remember you and my sister went to Commodore Sloan, Aptos, and Lowell. Last time I saw you was when you were in your hippy phase. Don’t have any photos of then though. I remember the neighbors, the Wildenrats, Todd Frankel, the Nolan family, the Figaris, the Farrugieos, and the Williams brothers. Word on the street is that you followed your dad in to law.
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