12/15/03 - posted by Jeff
I remember the cross burning incindent, my very good friend, Harry, lived directly across the street with his mother and sisters Betty, Kay, and Anne. His house was like a castle with a turret which was his room. We spent hours in the back yard playing basketball - directly accross the street from your house behind the hedge!

I had a friend who lived on Moncada just at the middle of the park. We spent time in the alley behind his house which provided access to the garages.

I remember P. Boxers huge house on the corner of Moncada & Paloma. The house kitty corner to it sold for $6K during the depression according to my Great Aunt who lived a bit further down on Moncada Way.

I remember the El Rey Theatre, and Leggs Ice Rink. I left my new jacket at the ice skating rink one day but couldn't remember where I had left it. I was in trouble with my mother for loosing my brand new jacket - one year late there it was hanging on the coat rack!

Lots of memories of the walks to Aptos up the pathway just off Ocean Avenue between Cerritos and Cedro.

And afternoons at Stonestown, QFI market, Portals to Music, the Christmas roof rides at the Emporium.

Lots of good memories growing up in Ingleside Terrace.
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