10/21/06 - posted by Woody LaBounty
OK, not that I mind too much when the message board gets into posts about "those darned kids today", but I would like to keep some topics about West SF alive. So I have a challenge to you all.

Let's map out the corner markets that exist or did exist on the west side. I'm betting just about everyone had one. Let's write what we know/remember and when we're done I'll try to create a map that links to these specific memories. Make sure you give the location and era that your speaking of. Try to do just one market per message post, and maybe name the post with the market name. I'll go first.

Market: "Jack's" on the SW corner of 12th Avenue and Lake Street.

Era: 1970 to sometime in the late 1990s.

Now it's a gallery or an antique store, but it was run by "Jack" in the early 1970s who could have been Greek or East European? He had white hair and a mustache. I would get sent there with scrawled notes from my parents or grandmother to buy cigarettes (Grandma used "Salem 100s"). Don't know that that would fly today, but with the note Jack had no problem with an 8 year old buying smokes.

I'd buy "Wacky Packages", which were a 1970s trading card craze paroding well-known brand name products (So "Crust" toothpaste instead of "Crest".)

The floor of the market had these well-worn planks that creaked very loudly, and Jack seemed to do a good business selling beverages to the tennis players and playground moms coming out of Mountain Lake Park across the street.

Woody LaBounty
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