01/04/23 - posted by Mike Magee
I attended Rivendell for kindergarten as I was 10 days too young to start public kindergarten, but had aged out of my pre school. That would have been 1978-79 school year. My brother, Pat, had started 4th grade there in 1977, and continued through 5th grade.

My memories, "open" campus for lunch, almost everyone went to the deli across the street, but upper school students could go to 7-11. Sometimes my brother would escort me up there for a change.

Other memories, we seemed to do a lot of woodcarving, with very sharp tools, as the parent of a 6 year old, I can't imagine that.

The science teacher (we had different teachers for different subjects, though not for every subject) kept a needle on hand for anyone who wanted to become "blood brothers" how innocent we were before HIV!

He also told us about the fact that Skylab was going to fall to earth, as a 6 year old I had no concept of the odds, and was FREAKED OUT that it was going to fall on me. Sometime after it fell, I called my grandmother and exclaimed, "Skylab fell and it didn't even hit me!"

Last one, I had a classmate named Aragorn. I mean if you named your kid that, and there is a school called Rivendell, how could you not send him there.

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