03/02/20 - posted by karen alexander
I went to NEAT school in 4-5-6th grade...would have been 71-74 years. Neighborhood Education Association Together. I had Mrs Ryan in 4th grade, an evil conservative old biddy who terrorized me and one other boy in class. 5th grade was Mr Dakin, who was as I can remember, artsy and fun, had alot of excursions with the kids to the parks, playing ditch along Sunset Avenue. Mr Hill in 6th grade, he was very nice and fun too.
I have lots of memories which are also supported by my mom's memories, she was quite active at the school and still remembers lots of details.
I still have class pictures and remember most of the kids' names too. Feel free to ask me any details I can help with! I don't remember any of the names here, you all may be from a different class year.
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