Re: N.E.A.T. School at 46th & Irving (now Rivendell)

04/25/18 - posted by Pat O'Brien

Attended the school in the early seventies. Lived in San Francisco for two years while dad was fixing some company. I remember having to take the bus through the tunnel to the street car to take us from Yurba Buena down to the school by the ocean. Great little deli/sandwich shoppe at the streetcar drop off. We used to have to do recess and p/t on the street since the yard was so dangerous. Mr. Dakin was the 5th or 6th grade teacher. First introduction to flaming homosexuallity. I remember he introduced all the kids to the theatre by taking us all to a production in which the cast was naked. It was funny, but not all the parents thought so. great memories, playing after school in Golden Gate Park by the windmill

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