05/02/17 - posted by Lyte
Okay, sorry again... I'm remembering things as I think about it. The school was moved outta my parents basement (at 44th and Quintara ) and then the named changed to (I believe) ... Sunshine Academy? The Sunshine... something! It was still there when I looked for it in the 80's.

I was itty bitty so I do remember some events personally and then some recollections are from what my parents and bro (older) told me later on about the school.

Both my parents were immigrants... one white and one Hispanic. They were your typical middle/working class of the 60's. I don't think either of them were on the conservative (and/or racist) side.

My understanding is that the parents in the Sunset area felt it made no sense to bus kids anywhere, in any direction. If it was integration the era was after, that would come from kids playing together after school or through extracurricular activities. With busing ... soon as school was over you got on the bus and went back to your neighborhood.

Looking back on it now ... it was quite a feat for a group of complete strangers to come together a form a legitimate (recognized by the city) school ...just like that! 'Course, as people do ... things got political (so I was told) and that's why my parents bailed and moved to San Jose. lol : )
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