Re: SF TV from 1948 to - ? Sat. Morn. Line-Up

09/15/06 - posted by Merry

Was the Saturday Morning Lineup?: 1.Crusader Rabbit and Rags the Tiger 2.Andy's Gang, 3.Howdy Doody, 4.Roy Rogers, 5.Sky King, and 6.My Friend Flicka.

The song to the Buster Brown/Andy's Gang Show went (I think) "I got a gang, You got a gang. Everybody's got to have a gang. But there's only one real true old gang it's Good Old Andy's gang."

"That's my dog Tige,
he lives in a shoe;
I'm Buster Brown,
look for me in there, too!"

"Niice." Midnight the Cat

"I will be good, I will be good." Froggy (and he seldom was ie. misleading Billy Gilbert [the professor/chef] or sticking our his tongue and taunting - which his plastic toy did too). Some kids thought Froggy was scary and mean. I thought he was fun, just a precursor to things to come in the 60's, I guess - Froggy would be proud. Niice

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