Re: SF TV from 1948 to - ?Fireman Frank

11/19/20 - posted by Doug Jones

The first guy had a heart attack and left. Maybe died. George Lamont came over from z to take over the show, which was on M - F before Art Brown's 6 O'Clock news (music: Sousa's El Capitan).
George is the only Fireman Frank I saw. We got our first Motorola TV sin 1953 - major impact! Howdy Doody, Cap'n Video, Lots of music shows. Rabbit ears.
Lamont was the greatest. Really funny, for all ages. I think he sculpted his own papier-mache Scat Cat and Rhode Island Red (rooster). Karl Karrot was a real carrot, rotting away to be replaced come Money. Surreal and rib-tickling funny!
KRON ahd a lot of live locally-made programs: The Kindgdom of the Sea with Dr. Earl S. Harold was my favorite. Earl co-invented the SCUBA with is partner, Jacques Cousteau!
Tragically, he died in an underwater exploration accident in the Amazon.
Lamont also was in the papers with Micro-Funnies, a tiny one-panel
and he had an 8-panel strip with funny barnyard animals, too. I read he had a lot of these stashed in his Seacliff home and would give them away to anyone who asked.
What a guy! What a talent!

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