Re: SF TV from 1948 to - ? Froggy & Mad

09/18/06 - posted by jb

Thanks for the great postings...all these shows and characters ring with familiarity, including Bill Siskin, who is very much alive and well.

What I remember most of all on TV was a show I never watched called "Nightmare." I think it was on channel 4 at 11:30pm on Saturday nights and try as we would to stay up and have the bejeezus scared out of us,
I never remember making it past the stormy night and banging window shutters. We would have sleep overs with our neighbors in an attempt to watch this little show of horrors having mac & cheeese for dinner, chocolate milk, lots of M&M's and red licorice and even with all the caffeine and Red Dye #2, we'd wake up to bacon, pancakes and test patterns.

I regret this window of opportunity shut in my face: zits became the real monsters and horror no longer was scary, just gorey and fun.

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