09/07/06 - posted by Scotty
This is the second part to Cassilagio's Gym Class post.

One of the most bizarre rituals of Cassilagio's junior high gym classes was the "Shower Check."

I suppose this was Cassilagio's way of making sure that no one would stink up their clothes or classes after gym period, or was this just an excuse for something more sinister.

After every gym class, Cassilagio would stand at the end of the showers and you would have to get your name checked off of his list. If your named wasn't checked off because you didn't take a shower, he would come after you the next day in gym class with a vengeance to make an example out of you so no one else would ever dare miss a shower check. That went as well for every gym class as ordered by Cassilagio who was the head of the PE department.

There were four gym classes during our period with approximately 60 people for each class so approximately 220 to 240 people would crowd into the small shower area, dry off and have to stand naked in line for as much as 5 minutes. He would not allow you to cover yourself with a towel because the towel would have to be returned to the towel room before you could get in line. When standing naked in line, it was very often body pressing to body naked and I used to dread it. Some guys felt so incredibly embarrassed about this that they would cover or cup their private areas with their hands probably to cover some unnatural reflexes they might have been having. And many times I caught Cassilagio taking glimpses of our organs. They were short, sharp intense stares that I can still clearly remember to this today. For him to be so motivated to have us naked every day with no towel to cover us, it made you wonder. I also got the feeling that the other gym teachers didn't really like doing this but that, of course, Cassilagio was running the show and they had to.

I really wonder how many kids in Giannini or any other school in San Francisco or anywhere for that matter go through daily shower checks. Or if any of the girls ever had to go through naked shower checks.

I couldn't even believe that they didn't do the Cassilagio format in high school. I thought that was all normal at every school. Wow was high school ever a relief when you didn't have gym class and shower checks to dread every day.
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