06/21/06 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso
The Rumpus Room! When I mentioned that name to my mother, it did ring a bell - she thinks that was the name of the place where Rusty Draper played on 18th and Geary - which later was bought by famous radio personality Don Sherwood and called "Sherwood's Place." She also remembered Will King's Coffee Cup too - perhaps both places were on the same block. I'm trying to imagine what storefront on Geary held this wonderous place where there was music and dancing - most of the bars around there are too small. There is a place on Geary near 19th Ave that used to be called "Dizzy's" (which was, back in the 70's, owned by Ellis Westphal) and I think more recently it was known as Kirb's Corner (although it is NOT on a corner). That place had a pianobar and, back in the 80's, used to attract a lot of jazz musicians who would come and sit in with whoever was playing piano.
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