08/29/23 - posted by Margie
Thanks, Paul Judge, for having posted last year that list of local DJ's links. My brother, Steve, was Don Sherwood's "Gal Friday," every weekday morning at KSFO before heading off to morning classes during his years at Lincoln High. He'd arrive before the show started at 6 a.m., with or without Sherwood's arriving. I see in that DJ list which you provided, that there's a link to a great KSFO photo, "The Sherwood Family Portrait"." It shows Sherwood's 11 staff members. Steve, attired in a suit and tie, is sitting to the far left. "Just Plain Rosita," stands proudly in her bikini to the far right. That photo is also in the 1989 book, "Don Sherwood," by Laurie Harper, with foreword by Herb Caen. (Herb Caen's incomparable "Gal Friday" of 36 years, Jerry Bundsen, lived in our house during the mid-1900s. Apparently, in the detached 1938 garage, Bundsen created a little room to work in at home...now our laundry room for 50 years.)
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