04/30/06 - posted by Deborah Schechter
I was both a Blue Bird and then a Camp Fire Girl. I remember that house on Arguello Street. Is it still there?

I also went to Camp Caniya (not sure of the spelling), the Camp Fire Girls overnight camp in the Sierra Nevada Mountains 2 summers for 2 weeks each. You slept outdoors in sleeping bags on cots, got plenty of mosquito bites, and had tents to store your luggage and change in. We went swimming in a lake. Also, if I remember correctly, campers had to take turns with kitchen duty and there wasn't a telephone on the grounds. The first year I went to the camp I was 9 1/2 and therefore, the youngest camper in the camp.

I also remember selling Camp Fire Mints door-to-door. Some people didn't want the mints, but wanted to donate so they told me to keep the mints for myself.

Oh, do you remember earning beads for the Camp Fire Vest?

I also remember, more-or-less, the Camp Fire song,
Worship God, hmmm, hmmm
Seek Beauty, Give Service, and Knowledge Pursue, Be Trustworhy ever in all that you do, hold fast onto health and your work glorify, and you will be happy in the (can't remember the word) of Camp Fire.

What are other memories everyone has?

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