09/26/21 - posted by Suzanne Hood
Mary Alice, I was at Camp Caniya with Campfire Girls in 1968, you were my counselor. My sister and I were excited as our session was near end of summer and this was our first "away camp". I remember the first day was nice weather and it got cold for the rest of the week. We had frost and were dissuaded from walking across the wooden bridge because it was slippery. We couldn't swim, many other activities stopped due to the cold and if had been wetter, it would have snowed. I remember being pretty miserable yet connected with many of the girls there at that time, I still remember some of their names. I was reminded of you playing guitar and singing and wanted to let you know your being the example of "all is well, we'll get through this" made an impact on me. Thank you for writing this post which answered questions I had about where it was and that the name had changed. I appreciate and acknowledge your contribution to all of your young charges many years ago.
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