06/15/15 - posted by Gwen
Oh, there were more than two verses by the time I got to Caniya in 1959 (tent: Konza) and again in 1960 (tent: Wanika-tin). I can't be sure I remember all of it, and the order of the middle verses might be messed up, but I think it went something like this:

We're up at Caniya, the camp of our dreams,
Where the water just ripples, and sparkles, and gleams.
So come, all ye campers, for we are never blue.
Be a member of our happy, laughing group -- you too!

With rings on our fingers, and bells on our toes,
Oh, we're the merry Camp Fire Girls, and what do you suppose?
With saggy beds to sleep on, and rags to wipe our nose,
Oh, service is our motto at this camp -- some camp!

At night 'round our campfire, we laugh and we sing.
Give a cheer for Caniya, and make the echoes ring!
We cheer for our campers -- our counselors good and true!
We cheer for you, and you, and you, and you -- me too!

[slowly and quietly]
And when you are leaving, your eyes are filled with tears.
It helps to ease the parting if you take some souvenirs.
[fast and loud again]
That old camp silverware will last throughout the years.
Oh, service is our motto at this camp -- some camp!
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