04/30/06 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso
Thanks, Andy, for the compliment - but the Western Neighborhoods already has several great historians working on this sort of thing - namely our own Woody La Bounty and of course my Lincoln High school classmate Lorri Ungaretti, and both of them are far better writers than I!!

And, just to show you that my memory is far from perfect, when I re-read this thread I realized that I had made an error - the name of one of the camp songs I mentioned was "Marching to Pretoria" (not Walking, as I had stated).

I did remember the Blue Bird Wish - this is circa 1959 and it has been reworded several times throughout the years, but this is the one I learned:

To have fun
To learn to make beautiful things
To remember to finish what I begin
To want to keep my temper most of the time
To learn about trees and flowers and birds
To make friends

I did a little googling and found out that the building I mentioned on Arguello still exists - in fact it has LANDMARK status!! It is the Campfire Building at 315 Arguello Street - it is now a Day Care center run by the Jewish Community Center.

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