08/28/09 - posted by Robin
Does Caniya still exist? Does anyone know where it is/was? I wasn't very interested in how we got there - I lived in San Rafael, and I know it was in the Sierras, and it was a long bus ride. But I've often wondered if I could find it again.

I went there at least four summers, 6th or 7th grade thru early high school. I loved every bit of it, and only a few years ago lost the last vestiges of the scar on my leg I got falling into a manzanita bush on the path down the hill to the dining hall. I had my first kiss there, when the boys from the adjacent Boy Scout camp came for the dance. I discovered that swimming was my favorite physical activity, doing the Red Cross swimming lessons all the way to the highest level, and that bonfires are soul-satisfying.

I still remember lots of the camp songs, most only fragments of the words (anyone for Sarasponda?). The other post about the Camp Fire song, I think the last line is "you will be happy in the land of Camp Fire." Nothing but fond memories.
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