04/29/06 - posted by Karyn Ann Bosso
I was a Blue Bird, and later, a Camp Fire Girl starting around 1959 through the very early 60's. As Blue Birds, we met at Mrs. Biegler's house (Lynn was her daughter) and as a Camp Fire Girl, we met at Mrs. Wheeler's house (Hope was her daughter) on 46th Avenue near Rivera. I remember going to a Camp Fire Day Camp in Golden Gate Park somewhere near Bercut Equitation Field - there was a camp circle there - and we took nature walks through the park and sang camp songs like "Do your ears hang low" "Sera sponda" and "Walking to Pretoria." I also remember that there was this AMAZING house on Arguello Street in the Richmond district that was used for the Camp Fire Council meetings and ceremonies. When you went from being a "Blue Bird" to being a Camp Fire Girl, the ceremony was called "Flying Up." I remember the house on Arguello had a lot of rich dark wood and some kind of unusual crazy staircase. I also remember the basics of the WO-HE-LO code of Camp Fire - Work, Health, Love:

Worship God, Seek Beauty, Give Service, Pursue Honor, Be Trustworthy, Hold Onto Health, Glorify Work, Be Happy

If anyone knows anything about that house in the Richmond District on Arguello, I would be interested to know.

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