04/24/06 - posted by Paul Judge
Okay JB, you hit a vein. Alas, good ol’ Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins only broadcasts now from the Purple Grotto of our memories or the magic of recorded old programs. He was one of the great ones of local radio.

I only know of Gypsy from her images of old magazines and history.

Jim Weston though, now there’s one of the unique figures from early days of local TV broadcasting. He had an unusually great ‘hook’, setting himself atop a step ladder to focus the viewer’s attention on his pitch for automobiles (Chevys, wasn’t it?!). We’d tune into KTVU - 2, the new broadcast channel in the Bay Area, for Friday Night Wrestling (or was it Saturdays?) to watch Hay Stack Calhoun or Wild Ray Stevens tossing folks off the ropes and stampin’ em down hard on the mat. Then Jim Weston would break the action with an calm, you gotta listen to me sorta hypnotic ernest look, voice, and manner; dressed in slick suit and tie, a lit cigarette in his hands, and with those black rimmed glasses lookin’ like a younger Barry Goldwater. He’d talk as if he had the most important thing you’d never heard before. What a salesman. He rates right up there, only edgier, with Ellis Brooks offer of 5 pounds of coffee (Chevys, again!) and the line for Reds Tomales, “Tuesday is Reds Tomales Day” originated by Bruce “Skipper/Sir” Sedley.

If you haven’t perused the Bay Area Radio Museum it is a fun ‘Way back machine’:

Advertising, even if ya never buy the product, it still rents space in your brain!
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