04/24/06 - posted by jb
Shoeshine boys, hobby shops, men giving up their seats on the Muni, creamed spinach, people feeding pigeons, coats, ties, gloves and hats on anyone other than window manequins, in-store product demonstrations (not counting those shots of awful hyperallergenic cologne)
true characters, movie cartoons and a serial and how 'bout a popcorn or soda in anyting shy of a 55-gallon drum (besides, you can't toss those things more than a row or two during intermission)...and when was the last time you saw a movie with an intermission and what ever happened to Al Collins, Gypsy Rose Lee and Jim Weston and other local celebs who had their own TV shows and status...but what I really miss most...polished coins!

The day that practice ended earmarks the fall of Westin civilization as we knew it...I can vaguely hear a dirge being played by the chamber ensemble during cocktail hour in the Compass Rose bar. Come the revolution and we will all be meeting, under the clock, in the lobby of the late, great St. Francis.
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