08/27/06 - posted by Mary-Ann
I'm not sure if the following was a Don Sherwood thing or a bit of nonsense from another DJ on KSFO - another regular I remember (except for his name) may have come after Sherwood. He may have injured or lost a leg because of a motorcycle accident - help me out, people!

He & his engineer - maybe Charlie Smith, too - periodically played a recording of a two-note vocal called 'The New Sound'...goes something like...

There's a new sound, the newest sound around,
It isn't any sound you've ever heard.
Not a wild boar or a jungle lion's roar,
It isn't like the call of any bird.
It's a new sound, the newest sound around,
And ev'ry one who listens to it squirms.
'Cus the new sound from deep down in the ground
Is the sound that is made by worms.

Pretty awful, huh.

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