08/24/06 - posted by Paul Rosenberg
Korla Pandit and his organ was on KGO TV back in the early years. El Sombrero ran from 1945 to 1991, an incredible run for a family restaurant. Do you remember the huge traffic jam when Don Sherwood suggested to his listeners that everyone driving and listening move one lane to the left?

The great composer Rudolph Friml lived at 48th and Geary and would be at Doughty's Records (with record listening rooms) and would sing something to Mr. Doughty demanding to know what that song was because he could not place it.

Right on with the popcorn containers at the movies. Did you ever put one of them on each foot and slide down the carpeted aisle? More important than the popcorn, however, is the demise of the kids' Saturday Matinee.

And I'm too young to remember the nickel fare on the streetcars. My generation grew up to: a nickel and a dime save you wear, tear, and time. Also, it's work to drive, why drive to work?
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