04/21/06 - posted by Rick

I'll keep my list short because Iím sure many of you folks can ad to it.
Blind people playing the accordion with the tin cup (downtown)
Those legless guysís roll around on a wooden board with wheels. (Somebody finally decided they deserved wheelchairs)
Cigarette machines everywhere
Groups of uniformed navy men strolling around downtown and north beach.
Proper ladies doing their shopping downtown with white gloves and hats.
Telephone booths. (Cell phones yuck)
Cops walking a beat
Old style winoís (before the army of homeless)
Greek owned coffee shops
Pinball arcades
School kids serving as traffic boys.
The old style coke machineís, where the bottle laid horizontally and you pulled it out by the neck.
The list goes on but Iíll stop there.
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