02/20/09 - posted by Ray Wilson
Hi Linda:
I lived at 95 Granada..the corner house across from the little grocery store ....owned by Carman in the 1950's...is it still there?....the area used to be a practice artillary field during WWI ....the next door neighbor found a live mortar shell in his yard.

A Linda Smith used to live down the block from me in an old victorian house which was very old but the history would be well worth verifying.....she went to Farragut El. School.....there is a posting about my story on this site somewhere....you can email me back if you like.

By the way, the house that you live in could have been occupied in the 1950's by either Phillip and Thelma Lotz or the Webber family depending on which side of the street you live on....both were very old houses.

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