06/21/17 - posted by Thomas
I attended Noriega Home School from 1975-1978, K through 3rd.
Let's see, for Kindergarten, I had Miss Cook. She later got married around 1977 and we had to call her Mrs. Roberts (I think). For 1st, Mrs. Gabancho who spoke english and spanish. For 2nd, we had a new teacher Mrs. Connie Hansen, in the bungalows. For 3rd, Mrs Mackay was still there. Mrs. Webber was still there at the time teaching 2nd grade. Mrs. Pierce was the other 3rd grade teacher in the bungalows. The school closed as an elementary school after 1978. Mr. Rosenblatt was the last principal.
I have fond memories of this school every year I was there except for kindergarten ( all I remember of kindergarten is Miss Cook yelling at me). good times good times.
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