04/27/17 - posted by Michelle
I remember going to Noriega Home School in the 1960's with teachers Mrs. Foley, Mrs. Webber, and Mrs. Pierce (who was a substitute by the time I reached 3rd grade). It was a magical experience. When "go-go" boots were 'in', I had a pair,and slipped and slid down the hallway. Also, when it was Christmas time, there was a tree in the hallway and Santa Claus. Holidays especially nice because of the crafts we made in the classroom. Does anyone here remember the workbooks with the characters Sam, Sally, Walter and their pets, Zip and Nip? A series to work through, with numbered workbooks to complete. "My Weekly Reader" and getting Scholastic paperbacks ordered were special treats to look forward to. Are there any school photo archives here, or do you have any to show for the 1960's?
Noriega Home School was the best school I went to (no kidding); I was sad when I had to continue from the 3rd grade on at a parochial school in 1969.
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